Hello world!

Well hello, folks. I am just trying out this new blog thing! Seems last time I tried this I was just about to leave for Vancouver Film School, with Christopher (my now 18 year old son for those of you who don’t know) in tow. That blog lasted about a day. This one will hopefully be a little more enduring, or my web administrator Alanna will kick my butt! (since she has been working hard to build me a web presence)

I guess the main purpose of this blog is to document my adventures as I try to get my new film production company, bluemountain entertainment (yup, the Canadian one, not the American or overseas version), up and running. I spent a number of years working in the museum system and in between jobs did some on-set wardrobe continuity trainee work with ‘Emily of New Moon’ and then wrote, produced and directed a half hour WW II drama called ‘Bobby’s Peace’, which drained my savings but at least got some air time on Bravo and CBC. Still…I didn’t really understand the special nuances of filmmaking when I made that film (schematics? What the heck are schematics?), so I decided since life is short and since my kid wanted to ride the wave of his first experience drumming in a pipe band at a World Championship and therefore join a higher level pipe band he felt might get him back to Worlds, and that chosen band was in Vancouver, that I would apply to Vancouver Film School and see what happened.

So now, one year later, I graduate VFS on Friday, October 24th, and my son plays for Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band, and also studies jazz percussion at Capilano University in North Vancouver. I am trusting the universe (and Alanna, also a drummer, and a girl, ha ha, and her boyfriend Alex, Christopher’s roommie) to take care of him while his Mom steps away for a bit. I am heading back to what my editing teacher called Potato Eating Island, Ahem, PEI (which really means Prince Edward Island, in case you really don’t know).

There is just so much film happening in PEI that I am afraid I will get crushed underneath someone’s Panasonic Genesis. Cameras everywhere. Sigh. I lie. It is up to me and people like me who don’t know when to stop to make film HAPPEN in PEI. (In the meantime, I might run off to Regina and find some crew work so I can pay back those hefty loans). The thing is, I have some projects in mind, and some interested partners, but it’s gonna take some time. I have a guy in my life, a good guy, but there is a chance he is running out of patience with me. Most people’s partners make money, and don’t go back to school at age …..okay, well, early forties, let’s be honest. No point in starting off the blog wishing I am 29, just ’cause I act like it! 🙂 (I would’ve had to have been what, 11, when my son was born?) So I don’t know how long my guy will put up with me trying to get this film thing going. Film is an all-consuming passion, and I can no more turn that off then David Duchovny could turn off his sex addiction. Course he did get help – I know, maybe there should be a rehab centre for wannabe filmmakers?! Just think – then I could let myself live a normal life, work in museums again, make a respectable income, stay grounded in one place, vacation somewhere warm in the winter. Believe me, that would be the easy road.

But I can’t. I am consumed. I have to do this filmmaking thing. One of these days I will come on board and tell y’all what I am up to, the projects I want to make, but I think I’ve bored you enough for one day. I gotta get my directory listing sent to the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association so I can find some Assistant Camera work – and keep on learning – and meet somebody who might want to make some films with me. Plus I guess I should keep packing for PEI…

Cheers fer now –

Susan 🙂


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