That surreal feeling (part two)

Okay, so my son called to tell me his Dad is buying him a car. But not the gas, or the insurance, or the parking. Vancouver has cost me thousands of unbudgeted dollars for parking, but I at least think Cap College is cheaper than downtown Van, so that will help him out a bit. Oh well, it will cut Christopher’s travel time in half. And increase my worry factor by at least, oh, multiple thousands I’d say. At least his Dad is finally making up for all that diaper money he spent on booze when Christopher was a baby! (Bad Susan, no room for bad karma here, that was years ago and Daddy dearest is all growed up now into a fine young, er, middle aged man).

So – back to my day. I was planning on dropping into a barbeque being hosted by some fine chaps from FP 119, but I got to thinking and packing and all that moving jazz, and ended up spending $ 268 dollars on shipping five boxes across this great country of ours. Can’t fit all me stuff inta the Sunfire. Tried last year. Didn’t work. There is something to be said for being able to see in the rearview mirror when you are driving across this great land of ours. But spending the money depressed me so I drowned my sorrows in my last iced mocha at the local coffee shop. And um, er, a nanaimo bar, which I only get when I am feeling down. Rather counter-productive, hmmm? There went $ 7 I will need soon! And about oh I’d say three thousand calories…:(

Then Christopher called (yup, twice today, I am an honored Mom) and said he was feeling less cool about me leaving then he thought. We pretty tight, us dudes. Many years of single parenting. It already hurts to leave and I have four days to go. I know one thing – wherever he settles in the future, my film business will follow. Life is too short to be miles away from your loved ones. And anyway I wanna do the gramma thing and babysit someday…(God, did I say gramma??? It’s years away….). I luv kids. They seem to like me. Dunno why but I ain’t complainin’.

So now that I am feeling melancholy, I guess I will go do some more packing in anticipation of Steve’s arrival at YVR tomorrow night. The next few days will fly, so i will focus my thoughts on how cool it is going to be to be planning a shoot for March, to search for and find that elusive fundraising/marketing person my fledgling company needs so bad (I know they will happily work for deferred payments cause someday we’ll make real money, I promise), planning the Feature Doc, and always always always trying to find the money to make my hockey film (working title ‘The Healing Place’) and the film I will call ‘Dreamers’, based on Irish immigrants coming to PEI in the 1800’s (Adapted from a novel called ‘They Were Dreamers’, by my friend James Murphy).

This will be my new life – striving striving striving to make this thing happen, this thing that is called ‘Film’ that consumes me so badly that I am willing to sleep in my car to get back to PEI where I can mobilize some forces and dive head first into my Art.

Along the way, let me just promise Kate Hudson, an actor I have always enjoyed (after all, she steals every scene she is in in ‘Almost Famous’, that fave movie of mine made by Cameron Crowe) that when I can someday afford her talents in one of my films, that she will never have to stoop as low as she did in that recent movie about stealing the best friend’s girl…it was so memorable that I can’t even remember the title. (sad thing was it had tons of potential, the acting was great, I felt for the characters, but oh Lordy that ‘filmmaker’ set a new low for perverse, disgusting vocabulary and antics – and I can handle some of that stuff, but this was so over the top it was painful to watch, especially since I LOVE Kate and it hurt to watch her lower herself like that, Kate, hear me, you are BETTER THAN THAT!!!) Actually, I want to hire her and the two guys in that film and give them a second chance…they can redeem themselves in my hockey film! It’s good, believe me!~ (Or I mean, it will be good)

Okay, enough, I feel better now, gotta go motivate myself to do some more packing, maybe eat something later (something small to make up for the mocha and nanaimo bar, although I will be back in my karate class soon, ha ha!) and then chill with the last two episodes of Season Three – Sex and the City…and then…tah-dah…The Tudors, which I think is fabulous filmmaking in every sense of the word.

‘Nuff said. G’nite.


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