That surreal feeling

Hiya –

Well today has just been one of those days…first, an hour and a half navigating stop and start bumper to bumper traffic from Coquitlam to the VFS Sound Design Campus on Burrard…including a few wrong turns which can quickly add up the minutes for Vancouver drivers. Got in on the squeak of nine am, so that was all good, as they say. Screened the six final project films of VFS Film Production Class 119, and that of course was cool, seeing the films with their final sound touches added. (I worked as Cam Op on the hi-def round, a Sasquatch fantasy called ‘The Journal’ directed by the talented James Fairley, and as First AC on the Film Round, a fun little comedy called ‘Sooner or Later’, directed by the awesome Ryan Radchenko (a man who has, incidentally, survived two avalanches while skiing). I also edited Ryan’s film, so it was fun to see these shows in their final incarnations.

Then – our mid-terms and docs were put on hold for another day so I jetted off to the VFS Film Campus to make copies of the Highland Games Promo I made with footage shot in July in Enumclaw, Washington, featuring the awe inspiring Triumph St Pipe Band. Headed home trying not to think about my impending grad and an unknown future, which includes a six day road trip to PEI and a severe financial crisis (and y’all think the Global Markets are bad, ya oughtta see my bank account right now). Well, what are a couple of nights sleeping in my car on the road? What artist hasn’t suffered for her cause?

I tried to quell my fear, and it worked, a bit. I saw the most beautiful rainbow yesterday, fully intact, and I usually see those when I am just about panicked over my unknown film future, so it helped. After all, rainbows are all about God’s promise, right, and I am a woman of great faith, although yeesh I really wish the big fella up there in the sky would attach a few comforting words of hope to his rainbow. But maybe that is asking for a bit much, after all, I did see the rainbow…

I do get excited when I think about the possibilities…and I do have plans. Many plans. These plans do include a search for funding, and that offers hope. I have no doubt at all about my ability as a filmmaker, both in docs (yup, got a big one planned – hint hint it ends up at the World Pipe Band Championships in Scotland 2009) and in dramas. Part of the plan involves shooting two short films as promos for future features. Hope to shoot those in March, 2009, a time in which I will also be knee deep in doc planning. But that’s cool, throw me the work, the more, the better!

Will write part two in a minute – my awesome son just called!

Cheers –



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