A Friday Kind of Day

Hi y’all,

Not much news today, got a bit of work done this morning, then invited to have lunch with family, which is one of the reasons I totally love the idea of having my own business. You can justify sneaking away from work for an hour and half or so to spend some time with family or friends. Just as long as you catch up later, right? After a nice homemade pasta and lots of puzzle making with my adorable niece and God daughter, Lana, I did the Aunt Susie thing and joined my sister at the hospital where Lana underwent some bloodwork. For three years old, she is a trooper – not a tear, whimper or whine, just a natural curiosity about what was happening to her. She hardly even noticed the wandlike lighty up noisy thingy the nurse asked me to wave in front of her face. What a picture we must have made, four adults all trying to get this little girl’s attention as blood was drained out of her arm. No wonder she didn’t cry, she was too confused and distracted – the promise of Princess and Dora stickers helped.

Afterwards, inspired by that strong little girl’s character, I happily went on my way, broke as ever but thinking optimistically about my new company’s future. Got a few errands re: car insurance, etc. done, stopped in to see Stevie (forgot to get him his peppermint tea, one strike against me), came home and caught up on messages and the like. Made a few new contacts, set up a few more meetings for next week, etc. Am trying to get a marketing person on board, someone who can really help me develop and sell my product. Hoping to hear from a local guy next week – wish me luck. He sounds amazing on the phone, together and organized, where of course I likely sounded like a bumbling idiot. Got a lead on a Marketing mission to Fort McMurray that I may be able to get some funding to film. Am really optimistic that some corporate vids will come through and get me started – they will offer great practice as well as I build up to bigger and better projects. Contacted the Cancer folks re: Relay for Life promotional coverage as well. That would be an awesome project. I have been involved in the Relays in the past, and they are dynamic, fun, inspirational…

Tonite may go see Quantum of Solace – research, you see. And Daniel Craig is easy on the eyes. Heard the plot was thin but whatever, I will just study the lighting and shots. Oh yeah – and Daniel Craig. Ah, the life of a filmmaker wannabe…at least I can write off my movie receipts at tax time. I knew there was a reason I went to film school.

Christopher is at this moment car shopping with his Dad. Can’t wait to hear what they buy. His Dad woulda bought him a car when he was born, if he coulda. Just hope the kid keeps it under 60 kms at all times. Avoids fender benders. Avoids anything accident related. Keeps it clean of old Starbucks cups. I am such a Mom.

Cheers –



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