A Monday Kind of Day

Hiya –

Okay, so I am definitely not in the mood to write anything original right now. Hence the title. I’ve been working all day on the pitch document for the Highland Games / Drumming Feature Documentary, and my mind is about as toasted as it can get. Just noticed that Alanna posted the website! That’s kind of exciting! I’ll have to spend some time looking at it more closely and then of course try to get all of those films made. Note: The Highland Games Doc is evolving into something else…but you’ll have to wait to see the updated document. I am working on this project with Mark Sandiford of Beachwalker Films, and won’t update my post til he and I have settled on the story. We are just working that out as we speak…suffice it to say that I am really excited about this project, though. I think it has great ‘legs’, as they say in the movie biz. Lots of potential, excellent characters and riveting entertainment and subject matter, and great timing. After all, rumour has it that Diana Gabaldon’s The Outlander series will be filmed in 2009…so my doc featuring Scots traditions, drumming and men in kilts oughtta pick up a few of her viewers. What is it about a man in a kilt, hmmmm….?

More on that lateh, babeh…

So tonite is Summerside’s big Santa Claus parade. Normally I would stay inside where it is warm and cozy, but since my office is currently at home, I ain’t had a chance to leave the house all day. If I were in Van, I woulda gone out after lunch and shamelessly grabbed a Starbucks coffee. But here, it’s too damn cold to leave my space heater, much less the house, and there ain’t noooooo Starbucks for many many miles. Didya get that? Many. I am now a certified specialty coffee junkie. A coffee snob, if you prefer. Can’t help it – Christopher worked at a Starbucks for a while and he got me on to some cool drinks. Also, it is something to look forward to, that trip for your daily Starbucks. Maybe Santa will bring me an espresso machine for Christmas. At least then I could take a break and make a coffee. Still wouldn’t get me out of the house, but let’s face it, it’s too damn cold here in the maritimes anyway. (although I must admit I usually try to find an excuse to leave the house at least once a day…tonite it’s the Santa Claus parade. With nieces as cute as mine, how could you miss it? Need a break from working on the doc anyway…)

Not much else to say, except that my eye still hurts (yowie) and I am counting the days to see the good eye doc again to see what he has to say (that will be Wed). Fer now, I bid y’all adios. Happy filmmaking.

Cheers –



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