H’lo there…

I cannot get used to the cold here in PEI, nor in Steve’s house in general. My fingers are so icy cold they keep slipping on the keys as I type. Makes lunches brief, at least. There is only so long I can eat standing up with my upper body stuck in the oven for heat. (yeah, our oven is a wall model) Brrrr. That is what I have to say about PEI in the wintertime. And current home heating prices. And boyfriends whose bodies run on different thermostats from mine and his son’s. We freeze. He stays warm. Brrrr.

Well, the pitch for the doc is coming along well. Mark is a very good visual writer, and his ideas are contagious. We are tentatively using the title ‘Drummerboyz’ for the doc…it’s the drumming version of Riverdance, ha ha, high energy, elite Highland drumming featuring lots of kilted men for the Diana Gabaldon fans. Remind me to edit the page on my website, now that the Highland Games doc has been narrowed down into a good cohesive storyline. I can hardly wait to get going on this project. Hope the Development funding comes through (say your prayers, folks).

In other news, I am troubled by the lack of funds out there for scriptwriting. Seems as an emerging artist I cannot apply for funding under the Canada Council. Telefilm initially said yes, I qualified for their funding but after working for three days on my application, upon review of it they turned it down saying that I didn’t have enough screen credits. Apparently having a show air over a dozen times on tv is not enough – you must have more than one show on the air in order to qualify. Funny thing was that I had actually raised that question with Telefilm and was assured that multiple showings counted as accumulated screen time.  But I guess it is their prerogative to change their minds on this. After all, they do hold the funding cards. Of course none of that matters now – what concerns me is that I don’t really know where else to apply for the funds that would buy me the time to write my Feature “A Time to Drum”. It’s a great story – about a rebel drummer – featuring lots more kilted men for the Diana Gabaldon demographic. Ha. Seriously, though, this ain’t light hearted fare. It’s a beautiful story with lots of depth, about giving up and losing hope, only to have hope thrust right back at you because somebody out there needs you enough to keep you going. It’s about fighting back, and resilience, and not giving up on your dreams just when it seems maybe the world wants you to. It’s about this really cool drummer named Billy, who has always lived in the shadow of his older brother, who died as a teen but who lives on as real as the next guy, at least in Billy’s life. It’s about the healing power of the traditional drum circle.  “A Time to Drum” is about stepping up to the plate when you are needed. It’s about life. So someone out there, if ya know where I can get some funding to get this thing written, it would really rock. People out there in this heah world, they a needin’ that kinda story. The kinda stories I write. The ones about forgiveness and healing and the light that comes outta the darkest days. They a needin’ me ta make them thar films. Yup. They do. I believe that. I believe in me.




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