Gotta like that single grande mocha frappe

Hiya –

Yeah, so if ya ever want to get on my good side, just bring me a single grande mocha frappe…sorry about supporting the big corporation, but there’s a reason they’re big – they do it good. Nothing like a mocha frappe with a single shot blended in…don’t forget to sprinkle some cinnamon on the easy whip on top. That and Masstown Market made the last eye surgery bearable. Gotta have some perks, eh, if ya just gotta be awake for an hour and a half under the lights while the doc mashes about with the tissues on your eyeball. I’ve decided it’s all actually kinda neat – you can sorta ‘see’ the lights changing as that eye is being worked on…reminds me of those 0ld kaleidoscopes we played with when we were kids and eye surgery wasn’t part of our imminent future. Oh happy carefree days. The bartender was cool…or so they called him…nice guy, he dispersed the good drugs…’course by that I mean the sedation that kept me from flippin’ out and jumpin’ off the table. I liked his story about the guy who woke up during surgery and sat up, smashed his head on the monitor and had to get stitches.

So now it is back to movie making. Got some calls to make today, otherwise still not feelin’ so great and can’t see so great so might not get a lot accomplished today. But my goal is to make some forward strides each day, can’t let one day go by without some movement ahead. I even did some research in Halifax…caught a couple of tv shows, ha ha…we don’t have tv at home so it was a treat to check out some lighting and shots from the comfort of bed while pretty drugged up…everything looks so much better…and Horatio is so cool…what can I say…must be a bitch to shoot and record sound around all those reflective surfaces, though…yup it was CSI Miami…:)  I admit it. Couldn’t tell you what the story was, I was too busy checking out eyelines and shots and actor blocking and lighting and what was likely ADR’d and and and…

Okay, just wanted ta let y’all know I didn’t freak out and run streaking through the hallways of the VG’s eyecare centre. I am still here.



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