A New Hope

January 14, 2009


Guess this will be a short note just to say that I am still alive…got really busy there around Christmastime and didn’t take the time to write…but that’s cool, since I am likely my only audience anyway, ha ha!

Got through more eye surgeries, although I suppose two were more like procedures – I will take the liberty to classify them as such because only two involved some kind of sedation as opposed to just a frozen eye…but all involved trips to Halifax, fear, trepidation and mucho anxiety, although I can proudly say that something I dreaded which might become part of my future has now been overcome. So that is a great lesson to us all, and an even greater lesson to moi – that we can overcome our fears. Needles in the eye – pshaw! Let me at ‘er. Ahem. Although I would not truly mind if that is the end of needles in my eye for now. It is simply time to move on…!

So, the Highland Games doc, Drummerboyz, needs to be filmed. Starting now. But things seem to be taking off in a whole new direction. Mark is still talking to Superchannel about possible involvement on some level, and I must say, Cheryl Wagner (PEI’s Superchannel rep) is just a doll and I love her immensely. She is wonderfully supportive…but…all things being equal, the Universe seems to be pushing us towards making an Indie doc and going the straight to DVD route. I actually like the idea, more freedom for us as filmmakers, and perhaps the DVD’s can become fundraisers for the two bands when all is said and done, but…I gotta find the money, and fast. Thing is, I am not great at going after money. It is not an easy thing for me. But if I can overcome eye needles, ahem, I can take on the world! Life is all about learning, right? Getting past barriers and surviving, thriving? Not burying our head in the sand and feeling miserable. I want to exit this life knowing that I have done all that I can do to make this crazy film dream of mine happen. Therefore I better get off this blog and get back to work…

Quick update:

  • Working with the incredible, awesome Corin McFadden on getting some bucks and making a short film sometime in April or May, possibly to be used as a promo for one of the features I want to make
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings, trying to find the right team to work with and possibly finding that elusive marketing type person who can go out there and get me the money to make these films!
  • Meeting with other writers and artists, encouraging each other, providing support and advice
  • Christopher is doing well, trying to get through school at Cap in Vancouver, was home for Christmas and is terribly missed by his Momma¬† every day, I sank into a depression when he left to the point where Steve laughingly asked me if I had taken a poison pill on one particular day. I do apologize, it was hard to see Christopher go back to Vancouver, I miss our chats. Thankfully Steve’s son Gordie is here with us so at least I can stay a bit updated on the teen world!
  • I joined Fitchic Boot Camp and am getting back into karate, so am loving myself more and getting back into shape as well. When I asked the good doc in Halifax, Dr. Shuba, about getting back into karate, she asked what would I be experiencing, I mentioned getting hit in the side of the head and her response was “It’s never good to get hit in the head!” We had a few laughs over that and I promised to learn to be better at defense. Would really like to get my brown belt in a few years! (Note: I still have a bruise leftover from green belt testing – which, incidentally, was a few years ago). Anyways, I gotta get used to life with a filtering hole in my eye, such is my life, things could be worse. I may as well just accept it and get back to a normal life, right?

Well, this blog is basically just an update, which I suppose I could have stated in one line – I NEED MONEY!!! For films!!! A recent acquaintance told me to ask the universe…and the universe (God) and I do seem to have some sort of mutual respect and understanding…so here I am asking (trying not to beg – there are people really suffering out there who need God’s attention moreso than I, but then again those are the people I would like to be in a position to help some day…so maybe God doesn’t mind me asking) the universe or God for the money to make these films. The Lord helps those who help themselves, and I am busting my butt to try to make this thing work. So officially I put this question out to the world beyond…”Please, send me the money I need to make these films? Starting with Drummerboyz, the production about following your dreams and hope and life and faith and family and friendship and drumming(!) and MUSIC (the kind of music that makes your blood boil, makes you want to get up and dance). Please, within one week, universe, let me receive the money I need to make this film. It will move people, make them believe in life and what it can offer us. It will be a fitting tribute of sorts to a man who recently left us, without whom my son would not be the happy-go-lucky, successful, talented drummer he is today – Scott MacAulay, founding Director of the College of Piping.” (thank you)

’nuff said. got a script to work on. got funds to find.