Scrambled eggs and snow

Hiya –

Yup, scrambled eggs and snow for breakfast. Not so many eggs, just one, really, but lots of snow, enough to dissuade the cats from venturing outdoors. Funny when they do.  Hilarious watching Oliver’s legs disappear. He lifts a paw so it looks like he is waving to me – ‘shut the door, I’m okay’. He is truly conflicted – wants to stay out, but doesn’t like the snow. Kinda like me. Want to do film but feel buried in reams of paperwork, grant-writing, storyboards, scripts, narratives. So I guess the snow is appropriate.

Corin is doing a great job sorting out finances and budgets, agencies to apply to, etc. (for the short film, Dreamers, based on James F. Murphy’s novel They Were Dreamers).  I partnered with VantageBiz Services’ Nancy Beth Guptill to sort out private marketing needs / fundraising for the Highland Games doc, Drummerboyz. I am looking forward to our meeting tomorrow to see where we are at in terms of marketing materials. Nancy Beth is keen and excited about Film…I think she and Corin would complement each other well as Producers…with me on the more creative side…I am hoping they are the partners I have been seeking for all these years, with Mark on board as well as Exec Producer / Overseer / Advisor.

I am also working on a Business Plan / Market Research. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit backwards, but the company won’t make money unless I go full tilt on a few projects, so the cart is kinda coming before the horse. So in between grant writing I am working on Market Research, etc. for bluemountain entertainment.  Might do some corporate or Music Videos as well as work on the Feature projects and short film. Also someday will open a screening room / Indie film cinema with really good coffee. Busy busy busy but that is the way I like it. No snow day for me, unless you count being totally overwhelmed at times.

On the plus side, Boot Camp workouts and Karate are helping to alleviate the stress of starting a business. Feels really good. Exercise is good. You should try it. Even the abs.

So tomorrow is Christopher’s nineteenth birthday. First time he will have a birthday that I will not be present for. I hope he is safe – I hear there is a party in the works in Coquitlam. No driving over Burnaby Mountain with a few drinks in the system, eh, Christopher? Be smart, kid.  I will have cake anyway. Cause I like cake. And cause I will be sad. Really got to get this doc going or I will not see Christopher this year. Good motivation to work hard.

Really weird that that Starbucks scandal over the lady with the peanut allergy happened at my Como Lake Starbucks. Super weird. Small world, I guess. That’s a super busy Starbucks. A real friendly one, actually, great staff, especially one lady who may or may not be the manager. I like her, and she knows how to make your drink the way you like it. Although I feel really badly for the peanut lady and what she went through, the whole ordeal in the press has just made me crave Starbucks more and miss my days at that Starbucks…fresh veggies at the little market there, a Nanaimo bar at the awesome bakery, and a single grande mocha frappe at the Como Lake Starbucks. Usually after church at Our Lady. Once I had a smoke in the parking lot. And I don’t smoke. A friend gave it to me. It was a stressful day, thinking about moving back to PEI after film school and the whole ‘God, am I gonna make it’ thing. Not much has changed – Steve has been great, fabulous even, but I still want my own income, my own business, my own ‘space’. I am thrilled with the Film Community in PEI – there are folks here who want to change the industry, awaken it, find some Gov support. But I miss Van, I miss my Como Lake Starbucks, I miss peeking in at Triumph Street practices (God, that band is good. That is what life is about, watching people who have mastered their craft at work), and I miss my soon to be nineteen year old kid.

So I better get to work. Lots to do if I wanna see my son again this year.

Cheers –



2 Responses to Scrambled eggs and snow

  1. Lois Praught says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you have any pictures of the baby that was filmed in the story “Dreamers?” Quinn is my grandson and I would love to have a picture or even see a picture of him in the story.


  2. Hi Lois – Did you get the pictures I sent? Quinn is a beautiful baby!

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