I luv Saturdays

April 18, 2009

HI there –

Saturday has become my new favorite day, because I can always depend on Gail and John to be at the Farmers’ Market with a Caramel Latte (or is it a Machiatto? I don’t really know the difference) for me. This seems like a silly thing, but life is really about the small pleasures that comfort us each day. I get so wrapped up in looking forward to that small hot soothing cuppa joe that sometimes I dash out the door of Pump ‘N Burn with my hair flyin’ every which way and my sneakers still melting from Krista’s punishing (but highly rewarding, if you can survive til the end) workout, blissfully unaware or perhaps uncaring of how I look or, er, um, smell…anything for a steaming hot cuppa espresso.

In the chaos that is my life these days – a student loan at age um 43 (well Pump ‘N Burn – and karate – make me proud to be 43 – I feel great and I can take it as well as the rest of them!), a new business that will take time to build, a slow response and faith in me re: investing in / sponsoring Drummerboyz (which I know will be fantastic – I just KNOW), getting to know my man again after being away for a year…well, sometimes a cuppa joe purchased from friends in an environment full of happy like-minded Saturday neighbours is just the thing. Sometimes it is the only thing.

If you don’t like espresso, a purring cat on your lap will also do the trick.

Cheers –