Camera Practice

H’lo –

Had a lovely drive yesterday afternoon with the EX3 carefully stowed in the trunk.  Stopped here and there to shoot some footage – and I must say, I am fortunate to be living in PEI, in one of the most beautiful areas of our Country.  I had a grand time playing with the EX3, pretending to be some great camera operator, shooting sea and skyscapes through lupins, trying to find my ‘style.’ This weird thing happens when you are out somewhere with a camera – all of a sudden, everything is a frame, and you totally wish you had unlimited memory cards because yup, you would shoot everything.  But then again, think how much footage you would have to go through later – so I guess there’s a reason we can’t shoot everything! So yesterday – the rain clouds broke just long enough for me to shoot for a good few hours – and I found myself playing with rack focus on a statue of Mary behind the iron fence at William Critchlow Harris’ stunning Indian River Church, spying on beef cows happily chewing their cuds with a view of the bay, cruising to French River to pretend I was a tourist, stopping at a lookout over the prettiest little fishing village on the planet, then – well, my addiction set in – looking for espresso in Cavendish. Only ’cause the sand dunes were too hazy to bother trying to shoot. And can you believe there is no expresso in Cavendish??? Like none that I could find, anyway! So, well, I settled for a Frosty Treat milkshake on the way home. Don’t tell Krista of Pump ‘N Burn…or Steve for that matter…

I missed one great shot. I am still regretting it, and may have to wander out later to grab it. Just waitin’ for the sun. It features a lovely red dirt road going…nowhere? Somewhere? Hmmmm…All up to the viewer’s interpretation. Watch for it in Drummerboyz. It has a place there.

Still trying to get my MacBook running properly, and editing going. Looking forward to the day when I can have a real editing suite, with many terrabytes of storage and everything working tickety-boo.  And -ahem- an Asistant Editor to help go through folders and bins and footage and all. To deal with techie problems. Someday! Yeesh. Can’t believe I used the expression tickety-boo. That is so not me. Weird.

Did some shooting at the Moncton Highland Games last Saturday – totally cool how the sky stayed relatively clear while I got some interviews, etc. Then when the Heavens opened, the set-up of the Games field actually allowed me to set up the camera in the beer tent and still shoot the bands. Then as luck or Providence would have it, Sam was on the rank I needed – got a great two shot of he and Gordie drumming away together, the rain dripping off their glens and drums. Got some cool shots to show how determined these young drummers are – they even play in the rain, seemingly undeterred. And believe me, it was torrential rain at one point. Their hands musta been slippin’ off of those drumsticks.

Last week did the PEI Screenwriters’ Boot Camp in Mount Stewart. Wow, it was mind blowing. My Instructor was Tom Shoebridge, who was fabulous – the tv people had Canadian Actor and Producer Jennifer Podemski.  I learned a great deal, and at the pitching session was invited to send my Treatment and a few scenes to Dreamstreet Pictures in Moncton. They are looking for family drama – we’ll see how that goes, but it sure would be nice to get a break in this business. Regardless, I will still cherish the moment when Tom leaned over my shoulder and told me I was a wonderful writer. It negated the moment when I opened a letter from Nimbus Publishing turning down my novel. (you’re not a real writer if you don’t get umpteen thousand rejections, right?)

For now, gotta lot to do today still – planning the short film shoot Labour Day weekend – Dreamers – and planning a promo shoot with Marlane for Beautiful Jane. (Marlane got a role in the new Thom Fitzgerald movie! Yippee! I am so proud of her!  Working with Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker (sp?))!)

I may go out to get some more scenics today – depends on the weather – but this time I will end in Victoria-by-the-sea and hope that their little chocolate shop / cappucino bar is open. Sounds like a lovely way to end the day after a fab afternoon of shooting.

Cheers –

Susan 🙂


One Response to Camera Practice

  1. steve says:

    hi the film girl keep up the great work, hope the avid folks get their problems sorted out soon.


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