Burnout Shmurnout

September 18, 2009

Ha! The most unoriginal, uncreative title ever…but it reflects my mood, which is to say that I give the fingah to burnout.  I haven’t come this far to succumb to a little teeny weeny bit of exhaustion.  The worst has passed – today was the strangest day- after working so hard for so long, so many incredible hours, evenings, weekends, you name it, all just trying to stay afloat – well, today I found myself cruising around town running errands thinking I oughtta be home working…but I couldn’t think of anything absolutely impending that I had to do. Don’t get me wrong, I have a list of jobs – two promo videos that I am sort of in the midway point on, but can’t do those til the end of next week for various reasons, a few pick-up shots, one for Dreamers and one for the Drumming doc (not really a pick-up for that, more of a wrap-up), and planning a promo shoot for the Feature Beautiful Jane, plus meeting a few people who have expressed interest in my hockey film, The Healing Place…and wrapping up the budget on Dreamers, but am waiting on Corin from IMAC to provide some numbers. So really nothing terribly pressing, so I even took a few moments to do some laundry and clean the bathroom, plus fixed up a nice roast for the evening meal (even invited my Mom and Dad over – the least I can do as they watch my little cat, Oliver, for the weekend as I ‘film festival it up’ in Halifax. I have TONS of editing to do this Fall, also, but am waiting for my Canada Games National Artists Program paycheque so I can buy a Firewire 800 Hard Drive  to edit on.  In the meantime, my good friend Bill has taken charge of the Dreamers footage (I have back-ups, of course) and next week we will get at it. In truth, I can hardly wait, I can see the movie in my head and we got some beautiful footage and evocative performances, so I am totally psyched to get at that project. But for now I find myself twiddling my thumbs for half an hour, which is so incredibly rare in my life these days. I almost even considered going out to the deck to read or watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica, which I have become more than a little addicted to…but here I write instead, which is also cool, in case anyone out there is actually interested in what I am up to these days.

Yup, the summer was jam packed and it was a bit of a relief to see September arrive.  Shot Dreamers the short promotional film over the Labour Day weekend, with a hearty cast and crew of 31, most of whom worked for very little in terms of wages, seeing as my Canada Council grant ap nor my PEI Arts Council grants were successful. The good news is that CBC Atlantic has purchased the film and so with the original author’s permission I am disseminating those funds out to cast and crew.  Believe me, they deserve it, I can’t thank the local folks enough for coming out to support me in this important project. I think what I look forward to the most as my career develops (and it is starting to, yay!) is bringing others along for the ride, and rewarding those who have shown their loyalty through various projects – especially my single Mom friends – after having been a single Mom for eleven years, struggling to make ends meet, the FIRST thing I want to do is hire my friends (y’all know who y’are). These gals are talented beyond measure in their various aspects of film life and I treasure their friendship and faith immensely.

For those following Christopher’s story, he has made a tough decision and pulled out of Vancouver to live with his Dad in Grande Prairie, Alberta (red neck, anyone?) to find full time work and save money to go back to school. He seems quite set on Sound Design for film, which worries me to a point cause of the lack of work out there, but at the same time perhaps I will have work for him down the road. For now he is doing some editing for me and he loves it, which is awesome. It would be grand to work with my son some day.

In other news, one of the Vancouver Short Film projects I was on (actually, the very first apart from the doc short), has had some success…ok, well not so much the short itself, but our actor Charlie Bewley was cast in the next three Twilight films…it’s kinda surreal cause well y’know Charlie is a really awesome guy, and I am thrilled beyond words for his success. It may sound cliche, but we all knew he had the ‘IT’ factor the moment we met him (well at least us gals did). This is how it went down: he popped into VFS as we were casting for Stuffed, and as the First AC on that show, I didn’t really have a role in being in the room for the audition and so was taking my turn in the lobby greeting actors and taking them down to their audition. Charlie walked in, wearing a white button down shirt and jeans and cool boots, spiked blondish / brownish hair and the most devastating eyes and accent – well, you could feel the magnetism emanating from this man. Above and beyond – he was kind and just looking for a chance to work in film – so I asked him if he was interested in auditioning for our film, Stuffed, which he was not scheduled to audition for, he said yes, we made room for him in the schedule, I led him downstairs, and all the way back upstairs wished I was ten years younger and prayed that he would get the part. He did, he was a lovely guy all round, friendly, talented and just fab to work with, and he I am certain is still quite good friends with the younger guys on the film. Our make-up artist, Priya, was head over heels over him, so I am sure the gals worldwide watching Twilight New Moon who discover Charlie will be equally smitten. Most of all, Charlie I wish you great success and I know you will keep your feet on the ground. It was a real pleasure working with you.

See ya fer now – google Stuffed or Charlie Bewley and you will find our little movie out there in Cyberspace.

Off to pack for the Atlantic Film Festival and to make biscuits for Steve and Mom and Dad and moi (mmmm, love ’em)…

Cheers –

Susan 🙂