An April Saturday

Hi –

Thought I should write something new since it’s been a few months…guess it’s been busy as usual around here. The biggest event in the past few months was the planning and shooting of a commercial that will soon go to air on Eastlink and CBC. It involves some special effects, and that whole ride has been interesting in itself. It was fun to get the old Bobby’s Peace and Dreamers crew back together. We work very well together and there are always lots of laughs. In addition, we welcomed a few folks who came on board as PAs (Production Assistants) to see if they like hanging out on a film set. People often think they want to, then they get there and are totally bored, cause a lot of film is ‘hurry up and wait’. But in fact I was really proud of our newbies, cause they were troopers and seemed to have had a good time.  Our second location was a barn in Avonlea Village, Cavendish, PEI…in February…’nuff said. It was freezing freezing cold and no bathrooms in sight ‘cept for a quick ride down the road. But we all persevered and anyways it wasn’t anything a well trained and accustomed film crew is not already used to. Beats hanging out in the office. And it’s nothing a good glass of red wine and a hot airjet bath can’t quickly put to rights. Oh I forgot the pizza. If ever there’s a day to order pizza, it’s after a long day of filming. Well deserved.

So the commercial will be completed this week, and will be shown to the Directors of the particular company for whom we shot, in mid-April. The two kind gentlemen who signed me on saw their commercial a few days ago and seemed tickled pink, which is very gratifying. The biggest credit goes to animator extraordinaire Andrew of MacDougall Media in Borden. He did a terrific job for PEI rates and deserves a lot of credit. 

What else has been happening…well, truth be told, I am applying for jobs again, and not necessarily here on PEI. I enjoy doing the work for local folks in terms of promotional videos and such, but I do get the most satisfaction from making my own films. Film production is very time consuming and in all reality very expensive. Therefore it makes more sense to just plow ahead and find a full time job to alleviate the financial burden and take away the stress of thinking about film 24-7. I will still plan to shoot some shorts and if the Universe decides I can one day make a feature drama, then I am sure the Universe will provide the opportunity. In the meantime, I have two films in post now and can work on those on the weekends. (like today, Easter Saturday, importing files all day). I also now have a Film School education so all is well. 

Dreamers is just about finished – it was about three months before I found a sound guy to work on it, one who was committed and had a bit of time and wanted the experience (thank-you, Dan!).  My good friend Bill is doing the colour correction, which he is quite proficient at, and musical wizard extraordinaire Brad is composing his little heart out. Piper Nick VanO (of the famed College of Piping days) is working with Brad to create some haunting, soulful Irish tracks to add to the overall joie de vivre (I can’t spell that!) of the film. It is my hope that it will be complete within a few weeks, then it will be shipped off to CBC. Exciting! It will also be featured in the upcoming Island Media Arts Festival in May.

A Time To Drum (formerly Drummerboyz), as a result, is coming along quite slowly. I got stalled on the commercial as well as Dreamers, and a few promo vids I was finishing. Then got back into it with gusto, trying to solve some technical issues. I have a rough, rough cut done of all of my footage but was trying to import my son’s HDV footage. Alas my computer did not have the codecs to read the video…I researched for days and hours and found a bunch of solutions online that did not work. Eventually to my heart’s delight I was able to go to IMAC (Island Media Arts Co-op) in Charlottetown and transcode the files ooonnneeeeee by ooonnnneeeeeeee last week. I then started importing them into Avid oonnneeeee by oonnneeeeeee, which is what I was doing today. I will be back in C-town to finish transcoding on Tuesday, so by the end of next week all should be imported and I will be back at the true edit / storytelling. I will say that I love Christopher’s footage, it’s quite funny, and really depicts Triumph Street very well, so it will be fun to include in the doc.

Next up – I am thinking of shooting a short as a prelude to a Feature I’d like to do…I dunno…also still trying to find funding for Beautiful Jane, so who knows? I could be working anywhere in Canada next month. I am applying for a number of jobs in different Provinces. But I am open to whatever the Universe wants (R U listening Universe? Wish you’d tell me!).

One more note, I forgot to mention that my first film (prior to film school), Bobby’s Peace, has been picked up by Moving Images Distribution in Vancouver. This non-profit group distributes to educational markets, so it is my hope that those who pick it up will set up an educational component with the local Wyatt Heritage Properties, where the letters that inspired the film are kept. Makes the film very real. Which it sort of is. You know. Fiction based on fact. Yay for Moving images, who will bring our WWII veterans to light in new, authentic ways via Bobby’s Peace.

OK sorry for writing so much but I always feel I have some catching up to do in terms of my blog-writing. Congratulations to Steve’s daughter Lily on the birth of her second child, a daughter that Steve is currently calling Spot until she tells her parents somehow what she would like to be called. She is a beautiful 9 pound baby girl, born yesterday, April 2nd, at 7:58 pm. Steve is glowing. And I got to hold her. Life is good.

G’nite, y’all. Sweet dreams.

Susan 🙂


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