Faith and Potatoes

Hiya –

Been hanging out in Charlottetown lately, which is about an hour’s drive from Summerside. It was Film Festival week on our little Island, and it was grand. Lots of fun – panels, screenings, premieres…my historic short film Dreamers premiered, as a matter of fact. It’s a beautiful little movie, only my second, shot on my EX3 in 720 / 24p.  It came together really nicely, and the last song in the film attracted a lot of attention – it is called Season Sketches, by the local band Lazy Jacks. Lots of nice moments in the movie, of which I am extremely proud. I’m really glad I shot it as well as Directed, because I love the shots. There  is one I don’t like – and instead of growling at someone else, I can just growl at myself, which is always good (not that I growl much anyway, although Steve might beg to differ. But the word he would likely choose is nag, ha!).  Anyways, we tried using a dolly track at one point and it just didn’t really work on the rough ground at the location. So that shot I don’t like, but it’s barely noticeable to the untrained eye. Yet, I am a perfectionist so it bugs me. Wonder how many filmmakers cringe when they watch their own work? 

Anyways, I love the film but I don’t think I will do any more historic drama until it comes back into vogue. I am using that movie (and the novel it is based on) as working tools in the upcoming PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp, TV section, cause I want to learn to write for tv. And someday historic drama will come back into vogue and I will be ready. But today people seem to want edgy, contemporary drama. By people, I mean networks. It’s too bad because there are some beautiful heritage oriented stories that beg to be told. But for now – I am searching for an edgy, contemporary drama. Cause I think I need that in my repertoire in order to really raise some eyebrows and show what I can do. I have one in mind, a hockey based short called “The Game”. But I’m not sure it’s edgy enough. Hmmmm…I’ll keep looking.

In the meantime, I am trying to figure out what to do next. It looks like I will have some options to do some shooting – so tomorrow I am taking the EX3 out again to practice and get back up to speed. It’s been a long, cold winter and I haven’t had it out much, seeing as I’ve been kinda stuck in post all winter.  Might try to get some new scenics for the doc – I’ve decided I need more ‘PEI’ in there. Lobsters and red cliffs and such iconic images of this Island. Kinda cliche, don’t you think? But perhaps necessary. The doc is stuck in ‘post production purgatory.’ (alliteration, ha!) I applied to the NFB for a Filmmaker’s Assistance Grant and haven’t heard yet. I really need the funds because I have hit my limit in terms of editing skills. I need to hire an experienced story / picture editor as well as a sound guy to get it finished. So let’s hear it for the NFB – really hope they fund me. The doc is beautiful and snappy and fun and cool…or at least it will be, when it’s done. And to my knowledge there are not a lot of docs out there about the pipe band world, which in itself is cool and edgy and beautiful and fun…so investors would be welcome too.

So not much more going on today that I can talk about yet…oh, except that I now am represented by Atlantic Talent Agency in Halifax! Yeah, you heard me, I now have an agent…he is interested in using me for some photo shoots (his idea, not mine, but I love it!) as well as helping me in terms of finding camera work and hopefully at some point directing work. Oh, and then there’s acting…I am sooooo signing up for acting workshops. Wanted to do that when I was ten (I was the scrawny ugly kid with the coke bottle glasses who was bursting at the seams waiting for the teacher to pick me to read in class, and when said teacher actually brought out a SCRIPT I couldn’t stop wiggling, but rarely got picked to play a part!). But I did some acting at Film School, not lots, but some, and I loved it and I thought I did okay at it. I would love to sink my teeth into a good part. Would help with my directing and writing, too.

So much to look forward to! Here’s to Faith…and potatoes. Look up the movie. You’ll understand. True story. The best kind. 

Now about that next project to film…newspaper, anyone?

Cheers –

Susan 🙂


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