Oops…honeybees…aka honibe

Hi again –

Forgot to explain about the honeybees of the ‘Music and Honeybees’ title in the last post…well in fact, I thought of honeybees because I had a table in the recent Entrepreneurs’ Forum Client Showcase at the Culinary Institute in Charlottetown on Tuesday, and one of the exhibitors was Honibe, a company who just won an International Award for Best New Product (for a honey drop that you can plop into your tea, I think).  So honeybees were on my mind – the Forum was wonderful, although I stuck too close to my table to be able to partake of any of the Culinary delights in the room! Though I did manage two glasses of wine…ummm…I was a bit nervous, after all!

I mostly played my demo reel (also available on youtube under Susan Rodgers Demo Reel 2010) and got such a HUGE kick out of peoples’ reactions to it. One of the films I cam opped featured a sasquatch in 44 degree heat in Surrey, BC, and lordy what fun the business folks in Charlottetown had with that guy! I mean, how often at an upscale business event do you spy a glint in someone’s eye as they politely inquire “Is that a sasquatch?” They really enjoyed the film clips overall, and I think I raised some eyebrows by reminding these folks that indeed very good film can be made here in PEI BY ISLANDERS! Yes, I shot the sasquatch in BC but there are also many Islanders here now who are equally as capable of putting together large and successful beautiful film projects. Since one of my immediate goals is to create an investment plan and seek investors to help me purchase a little more gear and hire an editor and project manager, I believe it is important to get out to the business community with such demo reels and SHOW FOLKS what we can do. Then those with disposable income may be more inclined to come on board and help us out.

I don’t know what the HONIBE folks did in terms of raising capital for their award winning product, but I will say that I was indeed inspired to feature bluemountain entertainment in their presence at the same event. After all, they must have started somewhere, and I laud them for having the tenacity and the business smarts to succeed.

Go honeybees! Inspire us all, and lift us to new heights of possibility!

(and that was not the wine speaking, folks. I really mean it!)

Peace out



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