Chapter One

Hi y’all.

Thanks for checking out my blog. My brother once said to me, under his breath as if he was afraid to ask, ‘Isn’t your blog supposed to be a business blog?’  I recall pausing, holding my own breath, and wondering how I was supposed to answer that. But I guess for me, business and my personal life are somewhat intertwined. So I do apologize if you happen to get doses of both when you are actually just wondering how the business is going.

And on that note, well I am still just working on passion projects for the most part these days, although I am getting anxious to sink my teeth into some new video projects.  I enjoy the balance between camera work in the field and editing in the office. Today is cold and rainy and I am quite content here in my little office in the historic Holman building in Summerside. Had my bag of salt free chips (don’t tell Krista or Rachel from FitChic Bootcamp!) and a juicy red delicious apple awaits on the desk. The sun is sinking and it’s only 4:08 but it gives the place a cozy feel. I like it here.

So I had a crazy interesting week. Right now I am attempting to upload for the second time Chapter One of my little drumming film which has become a little drumming web series. I played it on youtube and alas, the sound was outta synch. Not quite sure why, as the file is fine, but anyways it is uploading once again and so you may or may not have a new chapter to watch today! However I have no plans this evening so it could be a long day in my cozy little office.

About Chapter One, well this one is more of a music video than anything else. And it’s too long, and I know that. But the thing is, it is what it is, and I had some fun with it, but I promise Chapter Two will be more succinct and to the point. I was feeling melancholy and missing my kid when I made Chapter One, and so I edited a section at the end that just features one of his original songs. I did it in a way that reveals the odd picture here and there of old College of Piping Band Members, and the thing is it may not mean much to those of you who don’t know the folks represented in the video. I also included some blacks – the point being that Christopher’s memory of his friends is starting to fade. It was an intentional choice. The whole little series is really just a Mom’s way of making a memory for her son and his old friends as she sits here miles and miles away from him and the life he is living in Alberta, making new memories that I am not party to. Or maybe I should just be really honest and say that I am only making this web series for me. Perhaps I am. But it doesn’t have quite the same impact when the sound is outta synch. So I am working on that, for you, for Christopher, and for me. 🙂

So the other part of this crazy week is that I took a little gig handed to me by my agent at Atlantic Talent – it was a role playing military exercise somewhere deeply hidden in the depths of PEI. I signed a confidentiality agreement so can’t too much except this – gulp. It was pretty out there, freezing cold, loud, scary as heck, and probably forever psychologically damaging. After all, I was a hostage. Gulp again. You can see videos of what this company who ran the exercise does if you google Strategic Ops San Diego. It was nuts, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Okay, maybe not the freezing part. Or the bad coffee that tasted like hot water with a little side of cardboard. But the company was terrific, the exercise terrifying and exhilarating, and hopefully the new friends long lasting. The guns in my face…not so cool. I have new respect for actors who have to play such parts day after day. I can’t imagine how they can separate themselves from what they are doing, the people they are playing. That explains Stephen McHattie, ahem. Nothing else to say about that.

Soooo, yeah the other cool thing that happened this week was that I got an email from Maggie, the Purser on the Tall Ship Picton Castle. She had been googling Picton Castle and I guess came across the recently uploaded video that I had made on board the ship. I did actually send her a copy through a local businessman who is friends with the Captain, but it would appear she never got it. Anyways, she did say that she loved it and asked permission to use it in the ship’s online presence. Of course I said yes and am thrilled that she wants to use it. I’ve only been doing this for a short time and so am pleased that my work is starting to get out there, and I am of course hoping that it eventually leads to other work.

One thing to note about putting your work out there – you can’t compare yourself to others. As an artist you will always critique your work, harshly, I expect. Us artists are never done – there is always something else to fix in what we do. And I know for me that I need to either learn such software aps as After Effects (to make cool titles) OR find the money to hire someone to use it for me. My titles suck, and I know that, but it’s not an insurmountable problem. It will get remedied one day. HOWEVER I will note that I always look up the work of others and compare myself, and it only serves to bring me down (although I am always a great admirer of  others’ work). So sometimes one is better served by just accepting that we all do the best we can, we keep learning, and life goes on.

Well, ciao for now – be good to yourself –

Susan 🙂


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