Say hello to John Fisher for me

Well hello!

Another bee-yoo-ti-ful day here in the old historic Holman building in Summerside…rainbows galore, ahem…sun shining in the window…and auditions organized and ready to go.

Yup, you heard / read me right. Saturday and Tuesday are filling up with auditions for the latest bluemountain entertainment project – did I mention this in an earlier blog? At any rate, the film is called The New Neighbours, and it’s a comedy for a change (since I’ve been told I am developing a reputation for the ‘heavy stuff’…time to enter a whole new world and try something upbeat, fun and new). The film is going to be under ten minutes in length and is really just an exercise to keep our skills sharp. Since there is a very limited budget for the film I’ll be doubling jobs (did I say doubling? I meant, um, whatever doing six or seven jobs is called – lemme see, DP (as in Director of Photography, which includes lighting, choosing the shots, and in this case also involves camera operating), Writer, Director, Producer, Editor…small shoot. Really just designed to have some fun and get out there and shoot something. A mini-crew. Small cast. FUN! The shoot is scheduled for January 22nd in Summerside, at a secret location near you!

In other news, A Time To Drum is coming along although this week the new episode is delayed, mostly because I am a bit swamped getting the new film sorted out. But if you are missing it, go back and watch it again! There is now a preview up as well as Chapters one to five. See link below! I am hoping to get another chapter up next week – this one will feature the Triumph Street Pipe Band in a Games in Victoria, BC, as well as the College of Piping kids in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Opposite coasts but, as has been discovered, the highland games are like the Catholic Church – wherever you go, there is comfort in knowing what to expect.

So the power was out for a number of hours here at the Holman building earlier today. That was a rather strange occurrence. Still do not really know what happened, but was glad that my hard drive wasn’t on at that time. Last time the power went out I had to spend a number of hours relinking footage to my external hard drive. Aparrently I need something called a UPS? Still another facet of learning…but it sounds like a good idea to me. I guess it acts as a power source back-up and gives you time to properly eject your hard drive so the likelihood of losing linkages to files is lessened. It’s neat here when the power goes out – even in the daytime my incubated little office darkens and the MAC’s keyboard lites up – mystical and magical. Last time it happened I worked away on my second novel (Mac battery) but today went downstairs to see friends at Worklink and swap stories about gun toting American southerners. Yup. You heard it here first, folks. (Americans with guns in holsters? Who knew? And this is not 1811?)  Yet another reason to stay on my beloved red Isle. Even without Thunder Cove, a favorite beach that was pretty much destroyed in the last wind storm.

So talked to Christopher last night, and it would seem my pursuit of dreams is rubbing off on him. Poor kid. He plans to move back to Vancouver with his current band (which I think is still nameless, I keep forgetting to ask him).  Speaking of guns. How many people were shot there a month or so ago? Only difference in Canada is that the guns aren’t visible. But they’re likely still holstered. When we lived in Coquitlam, there were three or four shootings within a few km of us. I may have already written about this so won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say that I saw lots of bullet holes in windshields and accompanying yellow police tape. Do I want my son to go back to Vancouver? Well, that’s where the music scene is at in Canada, and he is closely associated with his old band, now called Young Pacific but in his day called Don’t Mention the War. And it seems they need a drummer this summer and plus have management that could come in handy for Christopher’s new band. He has also been invited by drumming teacher to the stars  John Fisher (featured in one of the earlier chapters of A Time To Drum) to drop in for a visit. John seems to think Christopher has the mystical magic that can’t be taught…so who knows? Still, in my heart of hearts, I wish he would become an Ophthalmologist. Not a rock star. But I am not a great example of living any kind of sedentary, normal life. So dream catch away, there, young Christopher. Just do it with some planning. Give it a year. Then become an Ophthalmologist!

And say hello to John Fisher for me.

No regrets.

Susan 🙂








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