February 24, 2011

Hi folks

I would love it if you would have a look at my campaign to get A Time To Drum finished.

I need to raise $ 5000 by the end of March…please share with your friends and anyone who might be interested!


Thank-you,  from bluemountain entertainment!





The Way Life Twists and Turns

February 24, 2011


Well, there is a lot to report but I have a great deal of editing to do today so will just give you a brief rundown on life in the bluemountain camp.

A week ago I was sad but grateful to have had the opportunity to visit my talented musician coffee baron son, Christopher, at his home in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I spent the week drinking lattes and working on my second novel, Seasmoke, which is taking shape nicely, I may add. Then flew home and sadly wondered when I would see the heartbeat of my life again. Well – life has its twists and turns and, sadly for Christopher, but happily for me, he is returning to the fold for what he thinks will be six months, at which point the imminent move to Vancouver will take place. Little does he know that his mother is scheming to A) Find him a nice girl here (he is sad because his last relationship just ended rather abruptly, hence the trip home to heal in beautiful PEI) B) get him entrenched in editing and creating music videos for bluemountain entertainment C) Introduce him to many players in the PEI Music Industry so he can start gigging and drumming and create a career here. So here’s a toast to life’s twists and turns and hoping and praying one’s son will find a reason to stay and play in PEI.

In other news, last Sunday bluemountain shot a heart wrenching little film for Justice Options for Women called Start the Conversation. It’s about helping a friend in an abusive situation, giving her some support and courage to do what needs to be done. It was tough subject matter, and a real testament to how film can be used to help people. It was gratifying to be part of this important project, and I look forward today to starting the edit (the footage is importing into Avid as I write).

Also, coming soon in Halifax is the Women Making Waves Conference, which I am attending. Looking forward to networking and learning more about this art form that I love so much!

What are bluemountain’s immediate plans? Finishing the A Time To Drum web series / film in time to distribute at the Summerside Highland Games, finsihing the edit on the short comedy we shot in January called The New Neighbours (which is why I work all day every Saturday, with samosas from the downstairs farmers’ market and chocolate peanut butter miniature Reese’s on hand), editing the JOW film, and whatever else comes our way!

I am happy to report that things are picking up for bluemountain and accolades for our professional set roll in…and there is more training coming up for animated titles and the like…so all is well in the Holman Building as the sunshine pours in today, hopefully melting some of that snow we’ve madly accumulated over this crazy snowy winter.

Cheers everyone, keep your spirits up and believe in your art 🙂