Writing, Writing and more Writing


Just a quick post to say I haven’t forgotten about you, little blog – I’ve just found myself rather consumed with writing a new series of novels I’m calling the Drifters series. In four months I have written three of these – I would like to write more because I’ve become quite attached to the characters. But that remains to be seen. At the present time I must focus on marketing the books I’ve completed to date – so these three, titled A Song For Josh, Promises, and No Greater Love; as well as my first novel, A Certain Kind of Freedom, for which I was a Finalist in the Atlantic Writing Awards 2011 (for unpublished manuscript).

I am still shooting my Feature Documentary, The Healing Place – a story about the power of nature to help heal after the loss of a child or sibling.  It’s going well, and I shoot every few weeks with Peggy Miles, my lead character, and I am also ramping up to start working more with the folks from PEI’s International Children’s Memorial Place, as well as the staff of Wedgwood Manor and the Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association. So lots of work to do! But what a fascinating topic – especially after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I have a very dear friend who lives 4.9 miles from the school – 12 minutes – and she has been a constant inspiration for me in my struggle to figure out what it is I am supposed to do on this crazy planet. Even though she and her community are trying to find their own way to heal, she continues to inspire me and I think she would be happy to know that I have found what I love to do – not just film, but writing novels as well. In essence I am just a simple storyteller, no matter what the medium.

So go to Amazon Kindle and look up the first book – A Song For Josh!  Read it with gusto and faith, because no it is not the next great Canadian novel but it is a beautiful, sweet love story that hopefully will inspire others. It is also about those of us who believe we are unlovable – it reminds us that all of us are lovable, even when we think we are not. And yes although it is a simple love story, there is some really nice writing therein. Enjoy!

See you next time, little blog 🙂 I’ve missed you.



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