For more about me, visit http://www.bluemountainentertainment.ca . Also, I am on Facebook both as Susan Rodgers and as bluemountain entertainment. You can find a few samples of films I worked on at VFS on Vimeo.com – Making It To Triumph Street, The Last Day of War, and Stuffed. An excerpt of Bobby’s Peace, made before Film School, is on my website, as is a chapter of my novel, A Certain Kind of Freedom.


– Susan


3 Responses to About

  1. Karen Sudsbury says:

    Hey Sue…

    Just finished reading your blogs…..you are a hoot girl!!! Can’t wait to start working with you on Dreamers….should be as much fun as Bobby’s Peace!! Love ya girl…keep your chin up hun…were gonna make this happen!!


  2. Arben says:

    Hi Sue…
    Probably I do not belong here as I have never been good using big words…however, I read your blog and no matter what those goons say I am very proud of you and has been an honor knowing you…keep up the good work and I may come down your way to take you for a spin on my new FERRARI…once I buy it of course…

  3. urban maclellan says:

    hi sue yes i have been there and some times i am still there , it can be hard when you are everthing and trying to get work trying to collect money , why is it that we find it hard to ask to be paid for what we do we hate to ask for money why? in my business it a great feeling when people are so happy for what we did for them i have a reno business as you know keep gping one stept at a time do you like the guitar school thats good for you to stress release lol, urban

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